Av. Nazan Düşko  &  Av. M. Yunus Düşko
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Wellcome To Dusko Law Office

Dusko Law Office was established in Istanbul (1983) by Lawyer Ş.Namık DÜŞKO. Between 1983-1997 ıts business continued in Istanbul. In 1997 the business moved to Muğla, Fethiye and continues practicing there.

Our Lawyers

Our office is a family business
Consisting of:

Retired Att. Ş. Namık DÜŞKO
Att. Nazan DÜŞKO
Att. M. Yunus DÜŞKO

Our Expertise

Dusko Law Office has specialized in civil suits. Civil Law and its sub participations,
International Civil Law, Law of Obligations and Commercial Law are the most common services that we applied for.

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